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meme time

Rho's website

also that's the name i'm throwing around


you there. visit my tumblr

look at this cat

now this one

look at me go

this isn't gonna be a regular thing but my acct is still too new to Actually Message People BUT @atomicbear98 i saw you were having trouble making files downloadable (doom wads, most excellent)

i think if you upload the file to your site and then just make a link to that file instead of, say a regular webpage, that should do it. like ok say i want to have you download this image

instead of img src i would just a href "/amogus.jpg" (or "" if i was feeling fancy). if i have stuff in folders i'd just "" i think. then for the download part i'd just stick a " download" between the end of the link and the end ">"
so if i remember my old html lessons correctly then this should give you amogus.jpg :D
anyway hey look at this